You can learn about the use and maintenance of Free-Sub products, technical specifications, spare parts used, service and warranty coverage on our frequently asked questions page. If you were unable to find an answer to your question under the headings listed below, please write to us and we will notify you as soon as possible by our relevant departments.

Diving suits, which are made primarily of neoprene, can be used for a long time if properly maintained. The following are some things to think about:

  • You should desalinate and wash your clothes with fresh water after leaving the sea.
  • Heater, stove, etc. should not be used to dry clothes in the sun. Drying near high-heat heaters is not recommended. Allow it to dry in the shade if possible.
  • Keep clothes you won’t use for a long time in places where they won’t be exposed to high temperatures and won’t be humidified.
  • If your suit is open cell, the inner surface of which is known as hunter, and you will not be using it for a long time, we recommend powdering the open cell part.
  • A unique production track and sewing technique for heat and water insulation are used in the production of diving suits. Attempting to repair your diving suits with standard textile machines may exacerbate the problem. As a result, when purchasing a wetsuit, we recommend going with brands that can provide repair services in the event of a problem.

Free-Sub provides free repair warranty for the diving suits that it manufactures, even for user-induced malfunctions (except for large parts and accessory changes).

You can view the table below for your size selection for Free-Sub diving suits and neoprene suits. The table below average user in Turkey and Europe in general has been prepared on the basis of physical characteristics. As long as you do not use it in our Free-Sub branded products, you can change the size.


Kg. Body size
50 – 59 XS
60 – 69 S
70 – 79 M
80 – 89 L
90 – 99 XL
100 – 109 2XL
110 – 120 3XL


Kg. Body size
40 – 49 XS
50 – 59 S
60 – 69 M
70 – 79 L
80 – 89 XL
90 – 99 2XL


Kg. Body size
2 – 4 2XS
5 – 6 XS
7 – 8 S
9 -10 M
11 – 12 L
13 – 14 XL
15 – 16 2XL

Long-term research and field trials have gone into developing Free-Sub Spearguns. With the quality and durability of the materials and accessories used in their manufacture, our Spearguns are designed for high and stable performance. Selection of Speargun: You should choose the right speargun for your diving habits in order to get the most out of it. – How deep do you go hunting? – Do you prefer to hunt on stone or in the open? – How do you feel about your physical strength and performance? – Is the Speargun of your choice made of high-quality, performance-oriented materials? – Is the manufacturer able to provide ongoing spare parts, materials, and service support?

Two types of skewers are used in our Free-Sub Spearguns, Tahitian and Güldiken, 6.5 mm in diameter, made of stainless steel. In our Goldenhorn and Bosporus Spearguns, which are called semi-open heads, Tahitian (Paddy) skewers are used. Güldiken Skewers are used in our open head Cabrio Goldenhorn Speargun model.

Skewer Sizes Table

Speargun Length Skewer Length
45 cm. 75 cm.
60 cm. 90 cm.
75 cm. 115 cm.
82 cm. 125 cm.
90 cm. 130 cm.
100 cm. 140 cm.
110 cm. 150 cm.
120 cm. 160 cm.

Two-component tyres made of latex material are used in our Free-Sub Spearguns. It is ahead of the rubber on the market in terms of durability and strength. The couplings used are metric 14mm standard thread diameter. You can review the table below for the types and sizes of rubber used in Spearguns.

Free-Sub Goldenhorn Speargun Rubber Size

Dunlop 20mm Diameter Coupled Rubber

Speargun Length Rubber  Length
45 cm. 16 cm.
60 cm. 18 cm.
75 cm. 22 cm.
82 cm. 24 cm.
90 cm. 26 cm.
100 cm. 28 cm.
110 cm. 30 cm.
120 cm. 32 cm.

Free-Sub Bosphorus Speargun Rubber Sizes

Dunlop 16 mm Diameter Coupled Rubber

Speargun Length Rubber  Length
45 cm. 14 cm.
60 cm. 16 cm.
75 cm. 20 cm.
82 cm. 22 cm.
90 cm. 24 cm.
100 cm. 26 cm.

Free-Sub Goldenhorn Speargun Rubber Size

Dunlop 20 mm Diameter Rotation Rubber

Speargun Length Rubber  Length
75 cm. 48 cm.
82 cm. 52 cm.
90 cm. 56 cm.
100 cm. 60 cm.
110 cm. 68 cm.
120 cm. 72 cm.

Speargun upkeep is simple, but it’s also necessary. We recommend that you consider the following details for long-term use.

  • You should desalinate your speargun with fresh water once you’ve gotten out of the salt water.
  • It will be beneficial to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.
  • We recommend changing your Speargun tyres once a year, even if you don’t use them.
  • The skewers on our Spearguns are stainless steel; do not sharpen the ends by grinding; a simple eye will suffice. This process will prevent the spit’s ends from burning and thus hardening more than is necessary.
  • Do not lubricate the handle and trigger assembly; it is not necessary, and oil, sand, and other contaminants can damage the mechanism. allows it to build up.
  • Speargun modification is a process that takes practise; it can be modified in a variety of ways depending on the user’s experience and preferences, but it’s important to remember that each user has his or her own habits, hunting style, and sensitivity. When modifying your rifle, keep this in mind. Original materials on Free-Sub Spearguns have been developed for high performance; if you choose the right Speargun, you won’t need to modify them.
  • For maximum performance, we recommend that you use original spare parts and materials for our Spearguns.

In the event of a malfunction, please contact us; we will be happy to assist you with repairs, maintenance, and spare parts.

We provide unrestricted maintenance and repair services to our Free-Sub brand Wetsuites and neoprene products as part of our product support guarantee. Your Free-Sub Wetsuites are covered by a product support warranty, which includes any malfunctions caused by user error (except for cases requiring parts replacement). For more information on the subject, please contact us by e-mail or phone