Free-Sub Wetsuits and Accesories

Free-Sub, wetsuits, and neoprene are examples of these types of clothing. Our products are made in our own factory in Turkey. We have achieved high quality standards and fast and high-volume production capacity as a result of our R&D studies and investments in recent years. Every stage of production takes place in our own facility, from pattern design to printing, lamination to apparel. Today, we reach users in many countries around the world through our Free-Sub brand, and we also manufacture Wetsuites and neoprene materials for a variety of brands.

Free-Sub Spearguns and Accessories

As Free-Sub, we manufacture all of the Speargun group’s products in our own factory.

Our Free-Sub Spearguns come in three different models to accommodate different user preferences and skill levels. The quality of these three main model groups that we manufacture is identical.

You can select a model based on your preferences, physical characteristics, hunting depth, and pastures.

Free-Sub Diving Equipments

On our website, you can see the diving materials and equipment that we produce and supply under the Free-Sub brand.

Diving weights, fins, masks, knives for diving and underwater hunting, diving lights, snorkels, and other diving equipment You can look over our products to see if they meet your diving requirements.