Be Our Sales Partner

We provide dealerships for the retail sale of our products related to diving, surfing, rafting, and spearfishing under the Free-Sub brand.

Users who enjoy diving and other water sports prefer our products, particularly our wide range of Wetsuites and neoprene accessories, as well as the high raw materials and manufacturing quality we use in production.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a retail sales partner for our Free-Sub brand.

Get Quote For Private Label and Original Design Manufacturing Inquires

We produce Wetsuites and neoprene accessories for various brands, as well as presenting our products to users under the Free-Sub brand.

Our factory handles every stage of production, from pattern design to sewing and product shipment. At this point, we’re aiming for speed, quality standardisation, and the protection of the designs of the brands we make.

Please contact us for details on the manufacture of wetsuits and neoprene products for your brand, as well as the details and manufacturing process.