Diving Leads

Lead weights are essential diving gear, particularly for free diving. Due to its structure, neoprene, the basic raw material of your diving suit, forces you to stay above water. Diving with a neoprene suit without using weight takes a lot of effort and time, and it’s impossible to hang under water or lie on agarose. Diving weights are used at this point, and belt leads are the most practical and widely used weights. There are several criteria for determining the amount of dive weight;

  • The ratio of fat and muscle in your body
  • The salt concentration of the water in the area where you will dive
  • The type of wetsuit you are using and the thickness of the neoprene
  • Your diving habits and technique.

These criteria determine the amount of dive weight, but generally a diver needs about 10% of his body weight in a 5mm standard hunting suit.

Weight Product Code

Weight Vest Lead

  • It is used as a standard in Free-Sub weight vests.
  • 750 kg. weighs.
  • There are 6 pieces in a vest.
Product Code