Absorve Rubber

  • We especially recommend it to be used on Spearguns where reels are not used.
  • It prevents the skewers that do not find the target after the shot from coming back by absorbing the tension when the skewer connection rope distance is exhausted.
Product Code


Skewer Connection Kits

  • It is used to tie the skewers to the Speargun.
  • There are two thickness options as 1.20 mm and 1.50 mm.
  • The kit contains a 10-meter-long monofilament line and 4 copper clips.
  • You can make 2 skewer connections with one kit.
Thickness Product Code
1,20 mm KIT120
1,50 mm KIT150


Monofilament Line

Free-Sub Speargun Skewer Connection Line

  • It is used at the stage of tying skewers to the Speargun.
  • 1,20 mm ve 1,50 mm thickness options.
  • The package includes 50 meters of monofilament line.
Thickness Product Code
1,20 mm MIS12050
1,50 mm MIS15050


Skewer Connection Clips

  • It is used to tighten the monofilament line during the Speargun connection of the skewers.
  • It is made of copper.
  • Available in 1.20 mm and 1.50 mm options.
  • There are 10 in the package.
Thickness Product Code
1,20 mm KL120
1,50 mm KL150